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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Bird Bookmarks

Recycle cereal boxes and a couple of other supplies into bookmarks that are pleasant to look at as well.

Instructions are for one bookmark.



Bird Bookmarks Tutorial 1

1. Print out the bookmark template so that the bookmark is about 7 cm wide. Glue the printed template onto a cereal box and cut out. Use this bookmark shape as a permanent template that you can trace as often as you like.

Trace the bookmark shape onto the front side of a cereal box and cut out.

Bird Bookmarks Tutorial 2

2. Glue the front printed side of the cereal box onto a page of a book or magazine.

Bird Bookmarks Tutorial 3

3. Cut out the shape.

Bird Bookmarks Tutorial 4

4. Select the paper napkin you wish to use. Tear your image out. By tearing it, you avoid harsh cutting lines.

Discard all but the top layer of your motif.

Bird Bookmarks Tutorial 5

5. Now you will be “painting” the motif onto the bookmark with decoupage glue. Dip the paint brush into the glue and gently brush the glue onto the motif on the bookmark. The glue saturates the paper napkin and adheres it to the bookmark.

Let it completely dry before continuing.

Bird Bookmarks Tutorial 6

6. Now punch a hole in the top center of the bookmark, about 1 cm from the top of it. Set an eyelt into the hole.

Bird Bookmarks Tutorial 7

7. Cut about 30 cm of jute and pull the two open ends through the backside of the hole.

Bird Bookmarks Tutorial 8

8. Pull these ends through the loop created at the other end of the jute.

Bird Bookmarks Tutorial 9

9. Pull it tight and you are finished.




Bird Bookmarks
Make Bird Bookmarks
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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