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Beaded Stone Paperweights

Create one of a kind paperweights with just a round stone and colorful wooden beads. It requires a little bit of time and patience to finish one but the results look pretty and the rocks feel good when held in the hand. You could follow these examples to use as a design or choose to make a design that is totally your own.



Beaded Stone Paperweights

For this project you will need:

- clean round stone of choice
- wooden beads about 3-4 mm in size in the colors of your choice
- gemstone glue or other clear drying strong glue
- tweezers
- pencil for sketching a pattern onto the stone if necessary

Instructions for the front stone:

Starting at the center of the stone, add some glue and place the beads onto the wet glue using tweezers. Work your way outwards from the starting point. Once you reach the sides you may have to turn the stone onto the side to prevent beads from sliding while drying. Continue covering the stone with beads until it is full.

Stone Paperweight With Beads
A pattern like this is also easy to do.

Paperweight with Beads
This would be a fun craft for older kids, too.

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