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Beach in a Glass

If you cannot go to the beach, then bring the beach home to you. Collected seashells and driftwood from previous vacations on the coast were used for this project.



Maritime Craft - Beach in a Glass 1

For this project you will need:

- tall glass vases
- sand
- small white or natural colored rocks
- seashells collected from the beach that have been cleaned
- driftwood
- white paint


1. Fill the glass first 1/3 to 1/2 full with sand.
2. Add a layer of rocks onto the sand.
3. Mix white paint with a bit of water to thin it down to create a patina effect and brush it onto the driftwood to lighten in up some. The color and texture of the driftwood should still shine through.
4. Arrange the dry driftwood pieces and seashells in the glass in a way that pleases you.

Maritime Craft - Beach in a Glass 2
These are examples of how you can decorate the glasses. Any glass or glass vase will do.





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