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Sew a Fabric Beach Bag or Shopping Tote

You can never have enough bags. And the best is when you have one that no other person has. This particular one is very sturdy and durable and can be used for holiday on the beach or pool or as a shopping tote. This bag with its blue and beige stripes has a maritime look to it.



Colorful Beach Bag 4

To make this bag you will need: A sewing machine, thread, scissors, a quilter’s ruler (60 centimeter ruler is best), rotary cutter, cutting mat, water soluble marker and/ or chalk pencil for marking lines and the following:

- Two squares of fabric measuring 50 x 50 centimeters. These are the basic bag pieces.
- One piece of fabric measuring 30 x 50 centimeters. This will be the inside pocket strip.
- Two strips of fabric measuring 7 x 50 centimeters. These will be the reinforcement for top of the bag.
- Two pieces of nylon webbing measuring 4 x 70 centimeters. These will be the handles.
- A piece of cording measuring 15-20 centimeters. This will be the closure loop
- One large button or other trim to hold the closure loop


Beach Bag Tutorial 75

Follow this illustrated tutorial: How to Sew a Beach Bag / Shopping Tote

A seam allowance of 7 millimeters is included in the measurements. Sew with a 7 millimeter seam allowance unless otherwise indicated.

Colorful Beach Bag 5
The pattern on this fabric has a great ethnic look for the summer. The button closure was omitted for this bag to keep it simple.

Colorful Beach Bag 1
Fabric strips were first sewn together and then cut down to the necessary size to create this bag.

Colorful Beach Bag 2
The bag is complete in one afternoon. Using nylon webbing for the handles also saves time in the creation of the bag.

Colorful Beach Bag 3
Teddy also wants to go to the beach.





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