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Autumnal Centerpiece

Use a large wooden plate and place a wide vase in the center and fill it with some colored rocks (in this case, orange). Then add seasonal decor around the vase to create a quick centerpiece for the table. This project is not limited for autumn, either. Simply change the colors and decorative elements to fit any season or holiday you like.



Autumnal Centerpiece 3

You will basicly need:

- large wooden plate painted in a light color
- large candle glass or vase
- orange pebbles or sand to fill the glass
- either a candle or autumnal decoration to place on the rocks

Here are suggestions what you can use to decorate around the vase:

- small bonsai tree twigs or other small interesting looking twigs
- orange artificial dahlia or aster flowers with stems and leaves
- clay or ceramic figures such as mushrooms, hedgehogs, scarecrows, crows, etc...
- pine cones, chestnuts, hazelnuts, acorns, artificial leaves, artificial apples, etc...


First of all, fill the large candle glass about 1/8 full with the small orange pebbles or sand. Then place the mushroom into the glass. Place the glass onto the plate off center and afterwards surround the glass with twigs. Afterwards, add the flowers, tea light candle glass and hedgehog on or between the twigs.


Autumnal Centerpiece 1
This is another example of how you can decorate using similar embellishments. The candle was replaced with a mushrooms decoration and orange seasonal flowers were used instead of leaves.

Autumnal Centerpiece 2
This is a close-up of the decorations used to fill the glass.





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