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Crafts and Decorations For Autumn Holidays and Celebrations

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Halloween Cat Jack o' Lantern

Pumpkin Carving - Halloween Cat Jack o’ Lantern

A scared cat with an arched back is a simple motif that is perfect for Halloween.

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Basic Craft for Fall - Potpourri Door Wreath

Potpourri Autumn Wreath

Potpourri is wonderful natural material for creating unique fall wreaths. The potpourri gets sold in bags and is available in many colors and aromas. Choose bags with larger and smaller pieces for a variety.

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Fall Craft - Scarecrow Plant Stick

Scarecrow Plant Poke

This scarecrow will most likely not scare away any crows this fall but he will look cute decorating your plants.

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Basic Craft for Fall - Autumn Leaves Window Cling

Window Cling Autumn Decoration

These brighten up the windows and have a stained glass look to them. To create your own leaf patterns, all you have to do is look in your yard or in a park. In the fall, there are so many leaves to choose from.

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Autumn Clay Pot Tea Light Holder

Terracotta Clay Pot Tea Light Holder Embellished With Fall Motifs

Candlelight is the perfect way to create a cozy atmosphere on a cool fall evening. The autumn motifs reflect the charm of the season.

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Fall Mini Grapevine Wreath for Candles

Small Candle Wreath for the Season

A small grapevine wreath can be decorated in the colors of the season and used as a candle wreath.

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Pom-Pom Spider

Cute Pompom Spider

This cute spider is not scarey at all

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Fun Fall Craft - Embossed Metal Pumpkin Plant Stick

Embossed Metal Pumpkin Plant Poke

This autumn pumpkin is an example of the wonderful creations you can make out of thin metal sheets of aluminum.

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Craft Stick Autumn Mushroom Picture

Craft Stick Picture with Fall Mushrooms

Just a few craft sticks along with a paper napkin motif and you can create a small wall decoration for the fall season.

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Recycling Craft for Halloween - Spider Tea Light Votive

Spooky Spiders Tea Light Votive

Leftover material from window netting (to keep the flies out) plus a glass jar were recycled and used to make this inexpensive and spooky project for Halloween.

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More Crafts and Decorations For Autumn Holidays and Celebrations

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