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Colorful Artistic Coasters

You can create one of a kind coasters to serve drinks on and all you need is paint, deli paper, a few stencils and plain white cardboard coasters. It is not only fun to do, but a great way to show off the pretty paper once the coasters are finished.



Artistic Coasters


For this project you will need:

Plain Cardboard Coasters
- plain white cardboard coasters
- painted deli papers
- decoupage glue


1. Cut the deli paper about 2 centimeters larger than the coaster.
2. Then apply decoupage glue onto the coaster as well as the backside of your cut piece of paper.
3. Adhere the paper centered over the coaster and glue the overlap to the backside of the coaster.
4. Brush on a coat of decoupage glue onto the coaster to give it a shine and to seal it.
5. Let the glue dry before using the coasters.

Colorful Painted Deli Paper
A used plastic store card or gift card was first used to apply different colors of paint to this deli paper. Once it was dry, the paper was stencilled with several different techniques (let the page dry in between coats) and the page was also sprinkled with paint. Each new layer of paint made the page more interesting.
Here is a video so you can see how the most talented “Cat Hand” created her deli papers to give you inspiration to making your own. Then all you have to do afterwards is apply the papers to this project.




Colorful Coaster

Set of Artistic Coasters
No one else will have coasters that look like these.




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