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Illustrated Sewing Tutorial - Strawberry Potholder - Tutorial 1 for Sewing: How to Applique Motifs on the Fabric

Strawberry Potholder 1- Appliquing the Motifs on the Fabric
Strawberry Potholder 2 - Assembling the Border and Block
Strawberry Potholder 3 - Binding
Strawberry Potholder 4 - Quilting, and Adding the Hanger Loop



Potholder 1

1. Trace or draw the image you wish to applique on the paper side of the fusible web. Each object needs to get drawn individually.

Potholder 2

2. Now cut the pictures roughly out.

Potholder 3

3. Lay your chosen fabric with the wrong side up in front of your on your ironing board. Assemble the pictures now on the fabric.

Potholder 4

4. Iron the images with a hot and dry setting.

Potholder 5

5. Cut the images now along the lines.

Potholder 6

6. Peel off the paper backing.

Potholder 7

7. This shows the leaves of the strawberries getting ironed on the back side of the green fabric.

Potholder 8

8. Cut your 2 sides of the potholder to 20cm x 20 cm.

Potholder 9

9. Iron the appliques now centered on the fabric.

Potholder 10

10. This is now how the strawberries look on the fabric.


Click here to continue.... and learn how to make the border and assemble the patchwork block layers




Summer Sewing Craft - Strawberry Potholder for the Kitchen
Strawberry Potholder Sewing Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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