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Ant Craft for Kids

Aren’t these little guys with the big eyes just too cute? They are fun for the kids to make and can be used to decorate the area around house plants in the home or be used as a funny idea to decorate a picnic table.



Ant Craft

For one ant you will need:

- polystyrene or pressed paper balls (1 x 20 millimeter and 1 x 25 millimeters in size)
- polystyene or pressed paper egg, 1 x 30 millimeter in size
- black paint and paint brush
- toothpick
- needle for poking holes in the shapes
- strong craft glue or low-temp hot glue
- strong wire for the legs and feelers - approximately 6 x 2 centimeter long pieces (legs) and 2 x 3 centimeter long pieces
- wire cutter
- 1 pair of 7 millimeter wiggle eyes

Recommended for ages 9 and up


1. First paint the ball and egg shapes black and set aside to dry.
2. Then glue the smallest ball onto the largest ball so that it is like a head looking up. If you want, insert toothpick pieces between the shapes before you glue them to stablilze them more. Glue then the other end of the larger ball onto the egg shape like you see in the example below.

Crafting With Kids - Ant Craft

3. Once the glue is dry, use the needle to poke the holes into the body pieces and glue the legs and feelers on the ant. You may have to adjust the leg length if the ant wobbles too much. Normally all the legs are in the middle section of an ant. But for this project, the back legs were placed in the back section so it can stand better.
4. Glue on the wiggle eyes to finish off the ant.





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