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African Animal Suncatchers

Kids can bring the vibrant colors of the sunsets from the African savana right to their windows with this craft. The elephant and camel are walking along and the rhinoceros has found himself something to eat on his journey. This project upcycles rectangular lids as the base and is therefore really inexpensive to make. If this particular shape of lid is not available at your location, you can also use round lids and print the animals out so that they will fit the lid you are using and adjust the ground area to fit the lid.



African Animals Suncatchers

For each suncatcher you will need:

- a clean plastic lid from food containers
- black construction paper
- yellow, orange, red, pink and purple translucent paper
- decoupage glue or clear drying craft glue
- scissors
- paintbrush for the glue
- template below
- stick glue
- needle and nylon thread (or fishing thread) for hanging

Recommended for ages 8 and above

Craft Template:

Silhouette Templates - African Animals 100

African Animals Template

All three animals are on the same template.






African Animal Suncatcher Tutorial 1
1. Tear several thin and irregular strips of each color of the translucent papers.

African Animal Suncatcher Tutorial 2
2. Turn the lid so that the bottom side is facing up. Then use the paint brush and brush a layer of decoupage glue on the surface.

African Animal Suncatcher Tutorial 3
3. Add the first strip to the bottom. For this project the strips were added in the order of: yellow, orange, red, pink and purple. You can overlap the same color at some spaces which causes a deeper version of that shade to appear. After each paper strip addition, add a coat of glue over the paper so when you add the next piece, it can adhere to the paper.

African Animal Suncatcher Tutorial 4
4. Continue until you have reach the top of the lid.

African Animal Suncatcher Tutorial 5
5. Make several lids if you want and then place them to the side to dry. Many of the wrinkles will disappear when the paper is dry and the glue should dry clear.

African Animal Suncatcher Tutorial 6
6. While you are waiting, the animals need to be printed and cut out. A cereal box was used to create a permant template to make tracing easier. So once the templates are printed out to the size needed to fit the chosen lid, use stick glue and glue the page to the cereal box.

African Animal Suncatcher Tutorial 7
7. Cut out the shapes. Also cut out the straight space beneath each shape. This will be the ground the animal is walking on. Extend or cut away the excess length of the ground to fit the width of the lid you are using.

African Animal Suncatcher Tutorial 8
8. Trace the shapes then onto black construction paper and cut the shapes out.

African Animal Suncatcher Tutorial 9
9. Glue the shapes onto what would be considered the front side of the lid. The bottom corners of each lid wererounded. A small piece of the corner of the black paper was cut away so it would fit in the rounded lid corner better.

Then use a needle to poke a hole through both top lid corners and insert a long piece nylon thread through the holes to hang the suncatcher.

Elefant Silhouette Suncatcher
Everyone loves an elephant!

Rhinoceros Silhouette Suncatcher
The rhinoceros is busy eating grass.

Camel Silhouette Suncatcher
The camel never lets you down when crossing the desert.

Basteln mit Kindern - Recycling - Maritime Fensterbilder



On our German language website, we have a version of this project using sealife motifs and round lids. It is made using the same technique as this project.
Maritime Fensterbilder





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