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Paper Bag Advent Calendar

An inexpensive pack of thin white paper bags was used to create this simple advent calendar. The advantage of using paper bags is that all you have to do do is decorate them.



Paper Bag and Decoupage Advent Calendar 1

For this project you will need:

- 24 white paper bags
- 6 paper napkins with motifs small enough to fit on the front of one of the paper bags
- paper napkin glue or decoupage glue
- flat and soft paint brush

Paper Napkin Used for Calendar
This is how the paper napkin looked like that was used for this project. It has 2 different motifs - a partridge and a star. Each motif is twice on the napkin.


1. Place each bag in front of you and fold over the top edge about 3-4 cm. (about 1 1/2 inches)
2. Cut 24 paper napkin motifs out and discard all but the top layer.
3. Take your first bag and lay it flat in front of you. Place a napkin motif on the bag (it should be about 2.5 cm or an inch under the folded over edge) and brush on an even coat of glue completely over the motif to seal it. Set it aside to dry.
4. Repeat for the remaining 23 bags, letting also all of these dry.
5. In the meantime, cut out or die cut 24 red and green scallops (or colors to match the paper napkin you used). Place a numbered sticker on each scallop.
6. Place a piece of double-sided adhesive tape on the backside of each scallop. Remove the paper backing of the tape and use the scallop then to hold the folded edge of the bag down.




Paper Bag and Decoupage Advent Calendar 3

Paper Bag and Decoupage Advent Calendar 2
Paper napkins with country Christmas motifs were used to embellish the bags and give them a charming look to them.


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Paper Bag and Decoupage Advent Calendar



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