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Advent Calendar Chest - Matchbox Advent Calendar

The first of the 3 chests is much larger than the two below it. It is made with self made “matchboxes” and is very time consuming, but at the same time can be individualized into a size you like. The ones below were made using regular match boxes. The small matchbox chests measure only 9.5 cm high and 9 cm wide. (about 3.74 x 3.54 inches) Example of gifts you can fill the boxes with can be found below.



Advent Calendar Chest 3
This advent calendar is made with cheery colors

For this project you will need:

- 24 matchboxes (or create boxes of your own for a more individual sized chest)
- cereal boxes to create the bases
- scrapbook paper in many patterns complimenting each other
- embellishments such as beads, stickers, felt motifs, metallic numbers, etc...

Examples of gifts you can fill the boxes with:

- miniature wrapped candies
- for the crafter, small helpful items such as beads, embellishments, die cuts, etc...
- for the sewer, small items such as safety pins, needles, measuring tape, etc...
- for the man, small items for the toolbox such as screws, bolts, etc...
- for kids, pieces to a small puzzle (each day a couple of new pieces), small printed paper games, etc...
- a small printed poem or saying for each day
- a note for each day with a promise to do a chore (washing dishes, vacuuming, babysitting, etc...)


Advent Calendar Chest 5
1. First glue three matchboxes on top of each other. Cut scrapbook paper strips to cover each of the “drawers”. Do the same now for the remaining 21 matchboxes. Afterwards you should have 8 sets of 3 boxes.

Advent Calendar Chest 6
2. The chest has 2 layers (each layer has 12 drawers). For each layer you will need to tape 4 sets together as seen in the picture below.

Advent Calendar Chest 7
3. Now next to the 3 drawers you have a side wall. This will be covered with a piece of paper.

Advent Calendar Chest 8
This is an example of the first layer with the top and bottom floors glued on.

4. Measure your box and then create 3 floors that will be the top, bottom and the middle level. Cover each of these floors with scrapbook paper and then glue the first floor piece on top of one of the box layers with the scrapbook paper side up. This will be the top layer of the chest. Underneath the top layer a second floor piece gets then glued on. Again with the scrapbook paper side up. Now glue the second box layer (the bottom layer) underneath this middle floor. And finally, glue the bottom floor to the bottom layer.
5. Embellish your advent calendar chest as you like.




Advent Calendar Chest 2
Red and white are traditional colors for the Scandinavian countries during Christmas.

Advent Calendar Chest 1
A chest in the classic colors of red, green and gold


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