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Acrylic Heart Ornaments

Combine acrylic hearts with decoratively designed paper napkins to achieve this bright and cheery look.



Acrylic Hanging Heart Ornaments 2

For this project you will need:

- acrylic heart shapes that can be opened up
- paper napkin of choice
- paper napkin glue and paint brush
- thin sheet of styrofoam
- red ribbon


1. First open up the heart shape and take the bottom half and press into the styrofoam. This will define the outline of the heart on the styrofoam, so you do not have to use a pencil or pen to mark it. Cut the heart out and place it inside the heart. It should fit snuggly inside the heart, but if it is still a bit too big, then trim it down so it will fit right.
2. Take the paint brush and brush paper napkin applique glue onto the styrofoam. Place the napkin (only the top layer) onto the styrofoam and then brush a light coat of glue over the napkin. Be very careful so you do not tear the napkin. Let the napkin dry before continuing.
3. Once the napkin is dry, trim off the excess napkin off of the styrofoam heart. Repeat for the backside of the styrofoam heart now.
4. Once both sides have been decorated, place the heart inside of the acrylic shape and snap shut.
5. Add a ribbon bow to the top as well as a ribbon loop for hanging.

Acrylic Hanging Heart Ornaments 3

Acrylic Hanging Heart Ornaments 1
This project is easy but requires waiting time between steps because of drying.




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Acrylic Hanging Heart Ornaments





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