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3-D Bunny Wall Picture

It is amazing what you can do with paper napkins. It is almost a shame to use them for anything else but crafting. This project requires a stretched canvas and a napkin with two large same motifs. Here a bunny was chosen and can be used as an Easter decoration or even as a cute picture for the kid’s room.



Paper Napkin Applique - 3-D Bunny Picture 1

For this project you will need:

- stretched canvas 15 x 15 centimeters in size
- two paper napkin quarters with large same motifs (from the first napkin you will use the complete quarter for the canvas,
  from the second napkin you will just need the large motif)
- modelling clay (air drying)
- paper napkin applique glue
- soft flat brush


1. Remove all but the top layer of both of your napkin quarters. Discard the bottom layers.
2. Follow the “Paper Napkin Applique Tutorial” for applying one of the napkins onto the canvas. Cover teh complete canvas with the napkin. Since the canvas is white, you do not need to paint it first. Just brush on some glue and then carefully brush the napkin onto the canvas, as if you were painting it on. Start in the middle of the canvas and work your way outwards on all sides. Try to avoid any wrinkles if possible.
3. Follow the “Using Modelling Clay for 3-D Figures Tutorial” to create the bunny motif. This will give your picture extra depth. On the tutorial, a shingle was used as the background. For this project, a stretched canvas is being used. Otherwise the instructions are the same.

Illustrated Craft Tutorials:

Paper Napkin Applique

Paper Napkin Applique

Modelling Clay

Using Modelling Clay for 3-D Figures Tutorial


Paper Napkin Applique - 3-D Bunny Picture 3
This is a side view of the bunny. The edges of the motif were colored with color markers that match the motif so they blend in more. Otherwise, the edges will be white.

Paper Napkin Applique - 3-D Bunny Picture 2
The dimension just adds so much to the picture.




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Paper Napkin Applique - 3-D Bunny Picture





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