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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How To Make 3-D Acrylic Ball Decorations

Also try using lots of different paper napkins or 3-D designs normally used for cards. You can create lots of different decorations for all seasons of the year.



Acrylic Ball 1

1. Take half of the acrylic ball and press it into the styorfoam. This makes an impression.

Acrylic Ball 2

2. Cut the circle shape out.

Acrylic Ball 3

3. Place decoupage glue onto the circle.

Acrylic Ball 4

4. Place the paper napkin onto the circle and use your brush and paint another layer of decoupage glue over the napkin. Smoothen out the wrinkles during this procedure. Once dry, cut the excess paper napkin away.

Acrylic Ball 5

5. On the backside of 2 more same paper napkin images, place fusible web (sticky side down, paper side up) on the backside of the napkins. Iron the fusible web now according to manufacturers instructions.

Acrylic Ball 7

6. Cut the motifs now roughly out.

Acrylic Ball 8

7. Pull away the protective paper backing from both of the motifs.

Acrylic Ball 9

8. Place each motif on white cardstock and iron them now. This will adhere the image to the cardstock.

Acrylic Ball 10

9. Cut one of the motifs out as a whole piece. Cut the second one out creating individual pieces.

Acrylic Ball 11

10. Place 3-D pads or 3-D tape on the backsides of these motifs.

Acrylic Ball 12

11. Stick the largest motif first onto the circle.

Acrylic Ball 13

12. Now layer and stick the other pieces on it.

Acrylic Ball 14

13. Insert the circle on one half of the acrylic ball. Snap the other half now on it enclosing the motif within.

Acrylic Ball 15

14. Tie a sheer ribbon to the top of it for decoration. Insert a piece of thin satin ribbon through the hole at the top for hanging.




Spring Craft Idea - Acrylic Ball with 3-D Motif - Daisy Flower 200
3-D Acrylic Ball Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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