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Wooden Fruit Crate Embellished With Fall Paper Napkin Motifs

Fruits and vegetables look even more delicious when kept in a natural wooden fruit crate that is especially decorated for the season.

Wooden Fruit Crate - Paper Napkin Applique





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For this project you will need:

- plain wooden fruit crate
- paper napkins with fall motifs
- paper napkin applique glue or decoupage glue
- flat and soft paint brush
- clear sealer spray
- possibly white acrylic paint and a brush if necessary (see instructions below)

Instructions: (If your crate is a light colored wood, you do not need to paint it before decoupaging the napkins onto it. But if it is darker, you may want to add a coat of beige or white colored paint to the outside of the crate to lighten it up. The lighter it is, the better the paper napkin motifs show up.) If you do paint it, let it dry thoroughly before continuing.

1. Carefully cut out the motifs from the paper napkin and remove all but the top layer.
2. For the first napkin motif, brush a thin coat of glue onto the crate and press the first napkin motif onto the glue. Brush a thin coat of glue over the napkin to seal it and glue it in place.
3. Continue adding more napkin motifs to the crate until it is covered.
4. Spray with a clear sealer to protect the wood crate from moisture.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Paper Napkin Applique

Paper Napkin Decoupage




Wooden Fruit Crate - Paper Napkin Applique 1

Wooden Fruit Crate - Paper Napkin Applique 3
One side of the crate

Wooden Fruit Crate - Paper Napkin Applique 2
Delicious veggies to supply you with lots of vitamins and minerals during the cold and damp season.







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