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Washcloth Snowman

With just a hand (mitt) washcloth and basic sewing and craft supplies, you can craft this cute snowman within an hour. It is is an easy project with minimal sewing that will decorate your home at Christmas! Older children who know the basic even sewing stitches and the simple basting stitch can also make these snowmen with no effort. You can add more embellishments to your snowman to give him your personal touch.

Washcloth Snowman Craft





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For this project you will need:

- 1 hand washcloth measuring approximately 20 cm x 15 cm (or cut 2 normal terry washcloths to the size of 20 cm x 17 cm)
- red checked ribbon
- 2 x 6mm black wooden beads (for eyes)
- 8 mm orange bead for nose
- 2 small brown buttons
- 1 red bell
- fiberfill
- basic sewing supplies
- white ribbon for hanging

Craft Pattern:

Wash Cloth Snowman Pattern

Snowman Pattern (1/4 inch or 0,75 mm seam allowance is included)


1. Double your material so that the right sides are facing each other. Trace the patterns and transfer your markings onto the material. Pin and cut out. Insert a loop between the material at the head. This will be the hanging loop. Sew the snowman with a 0.75 cm or a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave an opening at the bottom for turning.
2. Turn and stuff with fiberfill. Hand sew the bottom closed.
3. Sew on the bead eyes, nose and the buttons.
4. Tie the ribbon around the neck and add a bell to the ribbon.




Washcloth Snowman Craft

Washcloth Snowman Craft 2
This snowman has different buttons.

Christmas Ornament to Sew - Washcloth Snowman






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