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Recycling or Upcycling Craft - Colorful Vases Using Plastic Bottles

When white plastic bottles for yogurt drinks or other dairy products are empty, you can clean them and use them again to create this fun craft. This project is not only fun for adults but also for kids as well.

Recycling Craft - Colorful Vases Using Plastic Bottles





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Supplies Needed:

- plastic white bottles which are empty and clean
- thin printed paper or Decopatch paper
- Decopatch glue or your favorite decoupage glue
- flat paint brush to apply the glue


1. Simply tear lots of different sized pieces of the paper and place in a pile.
2. Brush an even amount of glue onto the bottle, where you want to apply the first piece of torn paper. Place the paper onto the glued area and brush glue over the paper to seal it.
3. Glue the next piece on, overlapping it some onto the first piece.
4. Continue in this manner by continually brushing glue onto the bottle, overlapping the next piece of paper and brushing glue onto the newly added paper. Continue in this manner until the entire bottle is covered with paper.




Recycling Craft - Colorful Vases Using Plastic Bottles
It is a simple tear and glue project and the results are so pretty and no two vases will look alike. Create more than one of them as they look even more cheerful when in a group.






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