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Christmas Tree Ornaments - Ideas and Inspiration

Whether you have a real Christmas tree like we do every year or an artificial one, the most fun about the trees are decorating them. Some people decorate them every year with homemade ornaments to give them a warm and personal touch. Here are a few ornaments using all sorts of materials and many easy enough for the kids to make as well.






More Christmas Tree Ornaments - Ideas and Inspiration

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Scandinavian Style Wooden Glitter Ornaments

Scandinavian Style Wooden Glitter Ornaments

These are so fun and easy to make and look very pretty when hanging on the Christmas tree. The shapes are easy to saw out and Washi Tapes in red and white patterns give the ornaments a charming Scandinavian look to them.

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Wood Burned Christmas Ornaments

Wood Burned Christmas Ornaments From Wooden Branch Slices

Even if you do not know how to draw at all, you can wood burn such lovely and natural looking ornaments within no time.

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Decoupage Christmas Ornament

Paper Napkin Decoupage Christmas Ornaments

These lovely ornaments are a cinch to make and all you really require to make them are styrofoam balls, paper napkins with small Christmas motifs and embellishments to finish the look.

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Mini-Wreath Ornaments

Mini-Wreath Ornaments

These are so quick to make using just ribbon, felt and beads and embellishing a wooden ring with them. Because of their size, they are perfect for small trees or even as package toppers.

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Clay Houses Christmas Tree Ornamemts

Clay Houses Christmas Tree Cookie Ornaments

Spekulatius is the German word for these types of cookies and are traditional Christmas cookies in Germany and the original molds for them are made out of wood.

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Candy Striped Christmas Ornaments

Candy Striped Christmas Ornaments

Peppermint stripes adorn these ornaments and they are so easy to make with striped paper cord and styrofoam balls.

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Natural Ornaments Crafted From Wooden Branch Slices

Natural Christmas Tree Ornaments Crafted From Wooden Branch Slices

If you like a natural look, then this project is a perfect choice. Branch slices are decorated with embellishments using brown felt, cardboard, wood and jute which give Christmas ornaments a charming and rustical look.

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Country Stars

Country Stars

There is something natural and simple about cardboard boxes and one seems to always have a couple lying around. This time a box side was used to create stars which make charming Christmas ornaments for a country tree.

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Froebel Star - German Christmas Star

German Paper Stars (Froebel Sterne)

Around Christmas time in Germany, you see these stars everywhere. They are called Fröbelsterne” and make lovely tree and window decorations, embellishments for garlands and wreaths and are also lovely package toppers.

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Pine Cone Ornaments 200

Pine Cone Ornaments

Every year our pine tree in the yard throws many hundreds of small cones down, so we collect some of them (not all of them so that the wild animals can have their share of them, too) and keep them in a large bucket and wait to come up with ideas how to use them. One year we made these Pine Cone Wreaths and another year we made this Pine Cone Wreath. For this idea, red and white twisted paper twine was used to embellish the pine cones and a jingle bell was added for extra festivity.

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Christmas Tree Ornaments - Ideas and Inspiration

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