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Fall Crafts - Thanksgiving Crafts - Plaster of Paris Fall Leaves


Conserve the look of the fall with this craft project. Fill candy molds with Plaster of Paris, let dry and then paint the leaves in the color of your choice. You can combine the leaves with other fall items such as chestnuts, acorns, pumpkins to make a pretty table decoration or even use the leaves to decorate a fall wreath.



Fall Craft - Plaster of Paris Leaves Decoration 2

For this project you will need:

- candy mold with leaf motifs
- plaster of Paris powder
- water
- measuring cup and measuring spoon
- rubber bowl for mixing
- old spoon for stiring
- paper towels
- acrylic paint in fall colors



Illustrated Craft Tutorial:


1. Follow the instructions in this tutorial Plaster of Paris Castings Tutorial to make the leaves and follow the instructions on the powder package for the amount of plaster and water you will need.

2. Once dry, paint the leaves each in a single color. Once dry, drybrush a constrast color to catch the details and to add a more realistic look to the leaves.

Fall Craft - Plaster of Paris Leaves Decoration 1
Close-up picture of the leaves


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