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Spring and Easter Paper Craft - Mini Easter Basket


This miniature Easter basket is quick and easy to craft. When filled, this small basket makes a great gift for children. Or make a set of these and use them as table decorations for Easter. The color of the basket and motifs are your choice. Use various paper punches to create different motifs to decorate the basket.



Paper Crafts for Easter - Mini Easter Baskets with Eggs

For this project you will need:

- corrugated cardboard in white (or color of choice)
- paper punches with flower motif
- paper punch with larger circle motif
- craft glue
- scissors
- small Easter eggs
- Easter grass
- 3-D foam pads

Craft Pattern:

Pattern for Easter Basket

Mini Easter Basket Template



1. Print out the pattern in the link below. You can choose which height you would like your basket to be. The 3 sizes are 3 cm high, 5 cm high and 7 cm high. Cut the pattern according to the size you prefer.
2. Trace the pattern onto the backside of the corrugated cardboard. Use a stylus and crease the lines where indicated on the pattern.
3. Cut the flaps in where indicated.
4. Fold the basket together on the creased lines and glue the side flaps in place.
5. Cut a handle measuring 1 cm x 14 cm from corrugated cardboard and glue both ends inside of the finished basket.
6. Punch out flowers and circles. Glue the circles to the center of the flowers.
7. Attach the flowers to the basket with 3-D foam pads.
8. Fill the basket with Easter grass and Easter eggs or candy.

Recommended for ages 8 and up

Paper Crafts for Easter - Mini Easter Baskets with Eggs 2


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