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Furniture Facelift

If you have ever been afraid or intimitated to refurbish wooden furniture because you were not sure how to go about it, this well illustrated Furniture Facelift Infographic from shows you everything you need to know to get started, what tools and supplies you need and all other information to help you through the process.

Oil Cloth Makeup Bag and Brush Roll

With this lovely set consisting of an oil cloth Makeup Bag and Makeup Brush Roll, you can travel in style and keep your cosmetics organized at the same time. Lea Griffith has an illustrated tutorial on her website for both projects, so once you have the supplies you need, you can get started.

The Resurgence of Sewing

This Resurgence of Sewing Infographic from Terrys Fabrics explains all the advantages of sewing and about why sewing has become very popular again.

Shrink Plastic Buttons

This idea will surely become addicting once you get started. Imagine all the pretty buttons you can create and no longer be dependent on finding matching buttons for your crafts or sewing projects. These pretty Shrink Plastic Buttons from All of Me are very easy to make and the illustrated tutorial takes you through all the steps from the beginning to the end to guarantee success.

Holey Easter Basket Treat Bag

This Holey Easter Basket looks so light and pretty and is so very easy to create with your kids. The holes allow the pretty spring colors to show through and the kids will be thrilled about their results. The Gunny Sack has an illustrated tutorial showing how to make this lovely project as well as a lot of other great crafts and recipes for all seasons of the year.

Recycling Books

The blog Craft and Creativity is jam packed with fantastic and colorful ideas to keep you busy for hours. One of the great projects to be found are these tea light holders which are covered with recycled book pages. What a unique and stylish idea! These particular examples use encyclopedia pages of old medieval villages and the cut out windows are a great extra to let some light shine through. There are more examples of Recycled Books Tea Light Holders on the blog. She has many lovely ideas using several books in both color and black and white.

Stamped Clay Jewelry

Aren’t these so adorable? This is a great project to do when together with a group of kids. Imagine the loads of fun they will have creating these Stamped Clay Jewelry or Key Rings. On Make It and Love It, you will find an illustrated step-by-step tutorial that shows you how easy these are to make. The kids will surely want to craft more than just one!

Paper Tape - Just Something I Made

If you cannot walk by paper tape rolls without feeling the temptation to buy them but just cannot constantly afford all of those pretties you see, then you can learn how to make your own. These Paper Tapes were created using lovely wrapping paper and double-sided adhesive. Find out on Just Something I Made website how easy it is to make some batches tape for yourself. You will not only have pretty rolls of tape to adore afterwards, but you will also have the satisfaction of creating them and then being able to use them for more creative projects later.

Rubber Door Mat Wall Art

On Salvage Dior, you will find many lovely ideas that turn everyday objects into classy and stylish items. One would never guess what this decoration really is. When looking at it, it looks like an antique and ornate iron wall piece that must be worth a fortune. But actually it is Rubber Door Mat Wall Art. What a fantastic, inexpensive and clever idea!

Bead Board Pumpkins

Now that it is fall, a pumpkin project is needed and this one from Ameroonie Designs is an excellent choice! These Bead Board Pumpkins are easy to saw out and the molding lines down them give them such a perfect look. The weathering adds a nice finishing touch to them. She has an easy to understand tutorial to follow which guarantees success if you choose to make this project.





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