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Summer Sewing Craft Project - Felt Dog Key Ring Charm

Dog fans will enjoy adding more fun to their keychains or purses by sewing this cute furry friend to tag along with them. You can have this dog completely finished and ready to use within 30 minutes.



Felt Dog Key Ring

For this project you will need:

- two scrap pieces of brown felted wool
- 2 x 2” inch pieces of leather strips in the colors of red and
- brown sewing thread
- one black seed bead (eye) and one 4mm wooden black
  bead (nose)
- batting
- one key ring and hook

Craft Pattern:

Dog Template

Dog Template


1. Print out the pattern and trace twice onto brown felt and cut out.
2. First sew the ears onto the dog using the blanket stitch.
3. Now place the two dog pieces together with wrong sides facing each other. Add a leather loop at the top of the head by inserting the ends about 1/2 inch inside of the head. Pin in place if necessary and make sure to insert the needle also into this leather when sewing the dog closed. Sew the dog using the blanket stitch. Before you close off the dog, stuff lightly with batting.
4. Once the dog is sewn, stitch the collar around its neck and sew on the eye and nose.
5. Add the key ring hook to the leather loop at the top of the dog’s head.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Blanket Stitch Tutorial

How to Blanket Stitch Tutorial



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