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Paper Crafts for Kids - Christmas Crafts - Candy Cane Paper Ornament

Crafting is a fun way to celebrate the holidays! And what fun it is for kids to create ornaments to decorate the family Christmas tree! This candy cane project is easy and inexpensive for youngsters to do and requires a minimal amount of materials. Within 30 minutes it is completed and once dried, can be hung on the tree.



Tissue Paper Candy Cane

For this project you will need:

- cardboard such as from a cereal box or heavy
- tissue paper in the colors of red and white
- pencil for tracing
- thread for hanging

Craft Pattern:

Candy Cane

Candy Cane Template


1. Parents print out the template to size they prefer and paste the template onto a piece of cardboard. Now these templates can be cut out. Older kids can cut the templates out themselves and parents can cut for the tots.
2. From each piece of tissue paper, tear pieces out that are about one inch in size. You will need more of white than the red. It does not matter if the pieces are irregular in size and not always exactly the same size.
3. Wad each piece in a ball.
4. For reference, take a pencil and draw the stripes in a diagonal angle on the cardboard. Make the first stripe about 1 cm thick. Make the next stripe half that width. Continue in that pattern until the candy cane design is complete.The thick stripes will be white and the thin stripes will be red. Working on a small section at a time, apply plenty of glue press the wads into the wet glue. Start at the bottom cover the first area in white. Then add the red to the next row. Continue until the candy cane is completely covered without any of the cardboard showing through.

Ages 5 and older



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