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Artist Trading Card Craft Ideas For All Seasons

Artist Trading Cards or otherwise known as ATC’s are created in the size of 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches or 64 x 89 millimeters (6.4 x 8.9 centimeters). These are small and self-made miniature works of art. Other than the size, there are no particular rules to follow. Combine different materials and elements to create unique and one of a kind cards. Sign, number and date the backs of your cards. These cards are not meant to be sold but if you like, there are groups that trade and collect these cards. You can find them on the internet in different craft forums. Here you will find examples of artist trading cards for all seasons.






More Artist Trading Card Craft Ideas For All Seasons

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Spring ATC

Romantic Spring ATC

This artist trading card has a soft romantic look to it.

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Love ATC

Love Artist Trading Card

This artist trading card in soft colors is quick and easy to make to add to your collection of cards or to trade with someone else.

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ATC Craft - Flower Power ATC with White Daisy Motif

Daisy Artist Trading Card

This artist trading card has a sunny and cheerful look to it with the colors of white and yellow.

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Valentine's Day ATC - Hearts and Glass Nuggets

Valentine Hearts ATC

This ATC is very easy and quick to make. It makes a perfect addition to the theme of love or Valentines Day.

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ATC Craft - Vintage Artist Trading Card with Girl

Vintage Girl Artist Trading Card

The color is subtle and the motif is a copy of an old painting by E. Grasset. Combined with scrap pieces of ribbon and feathers in matching colors, this project is completed within a few minutes.

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Valentine's Day ATC - Red Hearts Artist Trading Card

Red Hearts Artist Trading Card

This artist trading card was crafted with the thought of love or Valentines Day in mind. The scrapbook paper with the hearts design inspired the basic idea of the card and then by combining and adding similar colored papers and elements, the card becomes complete.

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ATC Craft - Blue Travel Artist Trading Card

Blue Travel Artist Trading Card

Ahoi! Stamps and labels have sometimes the most inspiring motifs. This particular stamp was found in a booklet full of such pictures. The title of the booklet is “Posters, Stamps and Labels”€¯ from Artsy College. The papers are acid and lignin free and there are 207 motifs in the booklet. They make wonderful elements for decorating not only artist trading cards but also for cards, tags and scrapbooks.

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Easter Duck Artist Trading Card

Cute Easter Duck ATC

This duck was found on a paper napkin and just seemed like a perfect small motive to decorate an artist trading card dedicated to spring and Easter.

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ATC - Artist Trading Cards - Thinking of You ATC

Thinking of You Artist Trading Card

With all the scrapbook paper available, the crafting possibilities are unlimited for creating unique ATCs.

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Artist Trading Card - Green ATC with Flower Motif

Green ATC with Flower

This olive green artist trading card uses a combination of scrapbooking supplies and decorative elements to give it a soft look.

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More Artist Trading Card Craft Ideas For All Seasons

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